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Dr.Ed & Toys is proud to be a leading producer of high qualiy, educational toys. At first, our toys were used for experimentation in local schools in the Bangkok Metropolitan area. Now our designs are well recognized for their value of giving excellent opportunities for the learning process and for experiencing creativity around the globe.

Dr.Ed & Toys always maintains the highest standard. Each product is certified by both the ASTM F963-96A of the United States of America and EN - 71 of the European Union, which guarantee both quality and safety.

Dr.Ed & Toys believes in both the quality of life and in the protection of the environment of this world we live in. The rubber trees we use are recycled and planted especially for their latex, which after a certain age they no longer produce latex. Then we cut down and replaced with new ones. This not only means that there is no deforestation involved, but also every part of the tree is utilized.

Dr.Ed & Toys also uses research and other development to make sure that our products are safe. Our designs are in the forefront and are suitable for basic needs of development stages of children.